Sunday, October 31, 2010

Which Foods Are Healthy To Eat?

What is the best healthy eating advice you can give a someone
who is just starting to learn about food? The answer is easy
actually: watch what you eat! Exercise has many benefits,
like increased stamina and energy, but it cannot be the only
answer to the obesity epidemic.

After all, there is no way anyone could work out enough to
burn some of the new products in the market. Foods are
becoming more and more refined and their caloric content is
skyrocketing. Watching what you eat will give you the upper
hand in your battle with the mirror.

Carbohydrates, today seems to be referred to as "carbs". But
it isn't and it shouldn't be. Healthy carbs are a staple of
any nutritional meal. They provide energy for good use and
function, improve skeletal muscle and bone growth and even
better our mood. The problem with sugars is that they are
becoming increasingly common and refined. Juices and sodas
are filled with countless empty calories from sugar that
spike up our metabolisms with insulin only to lead to a
subsequent and abrupt fall.

This sort of foods are fueling an obesity epidemic and are
directly responsible for early-onset diabetes. By causing
havoc on your metabolic rate, they are leading to increases
in weight. In fact insulin stimulates the storage of energy
in fat cells particularly in those problem areas.

So what can be done to change America's addiction to sugars?
Plenty. Make sure you continue to stay informed. Check the
label and search for dangerous ingredients like high
fructose corn syrup. Plus, take away breads, cookies, and
other basic grains. A lot of times, their natural fiber and
complex structures are ripped away.

Go for whole wheat products and always space out your carbs
throughout the day. Some recommend eliminating all carbs
from meals past the evening. Carbs are soothing and
enjoyable but proteins and heathy fats an equally important

Protein and fat are very important in your diet. In fact
your body cannot form all protein enzymes or fat on its own.
Some can only be obtained by diet. When considering meats go
for lean options such as chicken and turkey. Saturated fats
are common in pork and steaks which are easily stored in
your body in fat deposits.

Go for monosaturated fats of the vegetable variety. They are
healthy and their chemical structures make them less likely
to be saved in your body or clog your blood ways. They are
found in avocadoes, olives, vegetable oils and nuts.

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