Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tips and ideas on how to choose a perfect wedding cake

The only thing most people remember from the wedding - with the exception of the first dance - the wedding cake. This is one of the focal points for a specific day and you can guarantee that your cake will have a presence in many of the photos to make. Deciding what wedding cake can be very difficult, and there are so many different shapes, styles and colors to choose from now. Here are a few things to consider when selecting your perfect cake.
Style Cake When people picture wedding cakes, is the most common image that is three tiered, column-borne white or ivory colored cake. But your wedding cake will not be so - unless you want it of course. There are so many options available, you can use a traditional column-borne pie, stacked floor, round, square, cupcake towers, or even a message sculptural design. Occasion cakes can now be designed to fit the wedding theme and your personality.
Pie filling Once again there is the traditional way, a heavy fruit cake with marzipan, but more and more people choose a Madeira sponge, chocolate sponge, coffee sponge, lemon sponge or even rainbow colored sponge! A good cake baker should be able to any kind of wedding cake filling you want to create. Remember that not all levels have to be the same, so you can always choose to have each row with a different type of cake.
Icing & Decoration Royal icing is white or ivory, of course, the most common form of decoration, but you can let your imagination run wild. Simple and elegant, can consist of ivory glaze and stir with a colored ribbon, or perhaps crashing planes of sugar roses. Many people are now opting for frosting and decorating their wedding theme game - perhaps a romantic red cake would set the mood.
How many people serve you need? Wedding cakes are all on one statement and then the actual eating of the cake is often compromised for design. If you for a cake, looking to earn a lot of people, is a popular option, an additional "cutting cake" request to ensure that there is a lot to go. Also, if you have a smaller guest list, but still a fantastic cake, ask your baker for some fake or dummy floors.
Toppers There are many different types of wedding cake topper is available today, whether you have a standard bride and groom, or a news you prefer it for everyone. Most couples decide to look for their own cake topper, but you can always ask your cake decorator to give them.
Regardless of the type and style of wedding you decide to go, make sure you book in advance, like a wedding cake baker can often crowded, especially during the summer months.

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