Friday, November 26, 2010

How to Succeed in Art Using Jungian Archetype

What is the "magic" that some artists have and some don't? 
The secret is in the power of the Jungian archetypes the

artist uses her if she knows that it works. ThisApply to any artistic endeavor, or it iswritten, painted, sculpted, or anything else.
There is a famous photo gallery visitors to showabove the statue of Michelangelo's "David". Titlewrites: "I do not know what it is, but I know what Ienjoy! Michelangelo speaks to us through five centuries.Michelangelo catch us subliminally, and shakingwe have our foundation!
The same can be said for "Aphrodite Roda". Youfind this beautiful statue put your name in the searchengine. The artist tells us at the last 2000 years.Emotions of this anonymous artist's subconsciouscome to us through the marble. The statue was hiddenthe bottom of the main port on the island of Rhodes, which20th century, when a fisherman found caught in the eye.However, the message is intact and clear to anyone at anylanguage. Indeed, a blind person can get the messageIf you are allowed to touch the statue.
What is it that causes such intense reactions? This largeartists simply activate the archetypes of man and woman.
Art can not be a recognizable figure, either! JacksonPollock's "drip" paintings show. Pollockdeliberately avoided a recognizable image. However, I havevisited the exhibition of the greatest contemporary artists of alltime Boston Museum of Art, and I found that Pollockwork we have moved much more than any other. That's what I have tears!It speaks to my subconscious that I can not describeIn addition to these weak words.
Other exhibitions of the same piece and we moved, "BeneathTable "Robert Therrien. It was a simple wooden tableand chairs, but from something like ten times higher than normalsize. It consumes an entire room. When he went in, you canNow go under the table, with chairssurrounds you. I was immediately transferred toIt felt like 2 or 3 year old child, walking with hisparent table. This piece "constellated" prototypechildhood.
Start Jungian archetypes studies of women who are RunWith the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Estes lifelong Jungian analyst, who explains in clear detail howpsychology of the subconscious mind getsdifferent archetypes, either in pictures, stories orlife. We will respond with tears and laughter, and other ways wecould not understand a level of consciousness.

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