Monday, November 8, 2010

Tips On Not Eating Like A Sumo

Do you really think it's only obese Japanese men who become
sumo wrestlers? Yes, every sumo is obese, but it's something
which is done intentionally, starting from childhood. That's
right, regular young boys are turned into morbidly obese
adults, and that by following an age-old dieting system.

3 Sumo Strategies for Rapid Weight Gain:

No. 1 - Don't Eat Breakfast

In one particular biochemistry book I have, it states that
if you withhold food from an animal, and then you feed it
with a high-carb, low-fat diet, the rate at which the
animal's body produces fat will increase. When you fail to
eat breakfast, your body is unable to burn huge amounts of

In case you're wandering if there's any truth in all this,
junior level sumo wrestlers are forbidden to eat breakfast
because they need to put on as much weight as possible, and
they need to do it quickly. The reasoning behind this is
that it usually drives you to overeat later during the day,
and that in turn will help to suppress your metabolism.

The Solution: - Always eat breakfast, and do so within an
hour of waking up. Breakfast should also be a relatively
large meal, and perhaps even the largest one of the day.
Make your breakfast protein-rich and fibrous to keep hunger
pangs at bay.

No.2 - Don't Eat Prior to a Workout

While their appearance may suggest otherwise, sumo wrestlers
do actually practice a lot of self discipline in their lives,
and they certainly don't lie around doing nothing all day.
They are doing endless exercises from dusk till dawn.
Because rapid weight gain is so important to them, they
always do their workouts on an empty stomach. This approach
results in elevated cortisol levels, it increases appetite,
and it minimizes the buildup of muscle.

The Solution: - If your fitness routine includes early
morning workouts then it's imperative that you have
something to eat, either before you begin your workout, or
during it. If your goal is to lose weight, then you only
need to eat a small amount of whey protein and water. This
allows your body to have essential fuel to sustain exercises
without having to gain significant weight.

No.3 - High-Carb and Low-Fat Diets

The Japanese have known for centuries already what sort of
diet they should be on in order to pack on the pounds. Sumos
are famed to have a low fat (16%) and high-sugar (57%) diet.

In the biochemistry textbook I mentioned earlier, it states
the following:

A) "Fatty acid synthesis is maximal when carbohydrates and
energy are plentiful and when fatty acids are scarce..."

B) "Insulin stimulates fatty acid synthesis."

C) "The hormone insulin inhibits the mobilization of fatty
acids and stimulates their accumulation."

Basically, when you consume carbohydrates in large amounts,
insulin production increases, and the higher your level of
insulin, the more difficult it is for your body to use up
fat reserves. Increased insulin levels allow more fat

The Solution: - Simply cut down on the number of carbs you
consume, and begin eating more fat. Furthermore, you must
avoid over-indulging, but if you're on a low carb, high fat
diet, it's actually very easy to do. Let's face it; there
are more chances for you to gobble up 6 muffins than having
the appetite for 6 fried eggs and bacon.

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