Monday, November 1, 2010

Learn Flying With Flight Simulation Games.

How do you think a pilot feels as he/she takes off on their
first ever flight? Nervous? Shaky? Terrified? Or full of
excitement. Could be a combination of any of these emotions
if they are normal people wanting to do well, as they feel
the plane's engines vibrate through the cockpit as the plane
surges down the runway. It is certain that the adrenaline
would be pumping its way through their bloodstream at quite
a rate anyway giving them a high that nothing else could
ever reproduce that's for sure.

How would you like a similar experience of taking off in
your plane on your first ever flight without having to
actually fly a plane off a real runway? Would you like to do
so if you think it is possible?

I have got some very exciting news for you and that is
yes,you can have that novel experience and much more
besides. With the invention (if you like to call it that) of
the internet and online games it is now possible to have your
bun and eat it if you like because there is now a way to
learn flying using flight simulation games online without
the actual physical need to sit in a real plane and use the
controls to take off or land. How do feel about that one!

Yes, there is now the most realistic flight simulation games
online that anybody can participate in for as many hours as
they want to without all the vast expense of real life
flying lessons. Let's just take a look at a part of what you
can do using the flight simulation programmes as follows:-

The first thing to look at is that you can set your computer
up to accept a fully animated, fully operational, fully
interactive 3D flightdeck or cockpit that can be updated any

The next is that you will be sitting in your own home with
this 3D realistic computerised system that will give you all
the sensations, excitement and thrills of flying your plane
without actually taking off from the ground!

How would you feel about programming yourself to fly to New
York or London or Paris or any other of the great metropolis
in the world from your own home?

How about taking off on your journey from your home airport
in the daylight and then landing at another airport at night
and all done by your own navigation on route!

So,now you are at the controls of your jet plane and what
you can do is only limited by your imagination and remember
that your realistic 3D flight deck or cockpit allows you to
control everything from releasing the brakes, to raising the
wheels, to navigating the journey, to lowering the wheels and
landing the aircraft back at your base or wherever you

You can even fly using autopilot or use mid air refuelling,
change the weather and much more than you could ever
visualise with how you can learn flying using flight
simulation games

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