Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin

Your dry skin will drive you crazy? Read on to explorecauses, how to manage, and changes in lifestyleyou know, or to relieve dryness control.
Why me?
If your skin feels dry, tight and uncomfortable afterwash, you can suffer from the sebaceous glandgland. While the hyperactive sebaceous glands can cause acne,gland when it means that there islubricants for the skin as effectively as they should be,which can lead to dry skin. Even a little dry skin, exposedThe extreme temperatures, wind, or long hours ofair-conditioning can turn the eccentric. Could be a geneticTherefore, the dry skin, and may have a medical problem inas a sub-results thyroid gland, diabetes and certainother prescribed medicines to cure diseases.
Caring for your skin
Some simple ways to control the problem:
Washing or bathing in hot or cold water, hot water, stripits natural oils. Use a mild face wash instead of soap anddry with a soft towel. After bathing, use baby oilbit, to be particularly aware that dry areaselbows and knees. Towel-dry your body gently - do not rub.Pamper your skin with moisture, improves waterThe content of the skin. Use pH-neutral toiletries.
Dry skin care needs: Some experts recommendmineral water instead of tap water over-dry skin. You can also try a mild, glycerin-based soap orface wash. With a soft towel, pat your face dry, apply tonerand a small splash of water or mist on your face. Moisturizerskin's best friend - after the lavish usecleansing and toning. Keep a tube handy in your bag whenwhen you are away from home. At night, use a cleansing cream,toner and gently massage a nourishing night cream.
Herbal help
The aloe vera is a great weapon against dryness. You can also deletedied. Tea tree oil penetrates deep into the skin - justadd a drop of the usual cream and a moisturizer to increasecapacity. Treat yourself to a facial sauna weekend herbssuch as chamomile or peppermint (fresh or dried herbs andfine).
Lifestyle Advice
Dehydration is the most common cause of dry skin. Goldthe rule of eight glasses of water a day is still good!
The diet should contain a variety of vegetables, somethem raw. Orange and yellow vegetables contain beta-carotene,antioxidant. Nuts and seeds contain healthy vitamins andfat to combat the dryness. Vitamin B5, dairy products andwheatgerm, pantothenic acid, which contains the body needsSummary of fats and oils in your skin's needs.
Say goodbye to junk food - crisps, sugary / carbonatedDrink, et al. Fried foods contain large amounts of "bad"fat that eventually close the capillaries, whichIn the early years and dull skin appearance. Can notwithout caffeine fix? Try to cut down on maximum 1-2cups a day.
Although the fresh air and exercise is important to avoidThe dry, warm weather and cold wind ..

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