Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lighting Up The Place With Unique Lamps

When it comes to do-it-yourself enthusiasts, there are some
very clever people out there who can make useful
accoutrements out of some rather old and forgotten objects.
Indeed, this must be the sincerest form of recycling on the
planet since something that had a life as one thing could
very well end up as something else. In fact, those who make
table lamps from anything at all just need to find companies
that sell lighting parts or lighting supplies to set them on
the road to creativity forthwith.

These companies have everything that the avid creative
person needs to build a lamp from scratch. Bases in all
kinds of materials spanning metal and solid brass to
weighted bases made from just about anything and all the
bits and pieces in between. Even marble ball like spheres
with the center drilled out make wonderful bodies of said
lamps and are ready to have the cable passed through them.
Even shades which fit the bases are available and these
companies also advise on the correct size too so that the
perspective is kept in sync.

One mistake that a lot of people make is to put too big or
too small a shade on the lamp base. This makes it look a
little odd and out of context so anyone with a good eye will
spot it immediately. Also, a shade that is too big will
certainly overbalance the whole thing which could prove to
be dangerous for those around the place.

There is one thing that people should remember though about
making anything like this and that is the safety aspect.
Although bases can be made from all manner of objects,
making sure that metal, for example, does not come into
contact with the cable is very important. The electric
shock that could emanate from this could be fatal
particularly if the person has wet hands so it is advisable
to work safely at all times.

Finding websites that provide all this paraphernalia has
never been easier. In fact, there are those that supply
everything from the bottom to the top and everything in
between. However, not all sites are good so take some time
to check out testimonials, returns policies and even
shipping costs to work out whether these are good deals or

Some companies will supply some rather shoddy goods which do
not come up to standard but thankfully these are few and far
between. Indeed, cheap lamps that are made in third world
countries often do not conform to our standards so make sure
that there are some guarantees along with the goods.

Finally, even if the bases of these lamps are some discarded
piece, like a favorite wine bottle for example, fill it with
sand or some other heavy substance, not water, to ensure
that the whole thing is as stable as possible. By doing
this not only will the lamp look great, it will also be a
safe piece of equipment that could go on to last for many
years to come.

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