Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Learn some ool ideas to make a beautiful Birthday Cake

To decorate a birthday cake, the most important thing to keep in mind what the person likes and dislikes. The type of decoration may depend on the age of the person or the period of the year the birthday. Here are some great ideas for decorating cakes for all ages.

The first concept concerns themes based on the time of year is the anniversary. One of the main ingredients that will be needed for all decoration is a dye. It is easy for any type of white icing and tint can be found for use in your decoration. Here are some ideas for decorating a cake that I used in the past for various holidays that can give you inspiration:

Easter birthday cake on the theme: For this kind of cake, it is easy to use a bag of coconut to simulate grass. All you have to do the desired amount of coconut in a resealable bag and add a few drops of green dye. After shaking, sprinkle on top of cake. From here you can add some pastel colored M & Ms for Easter eggs to look like. If you can find one, it's also a good idea to add a digit to small bunny cake.

Halloween birthday cake: This type of cake are many different kinds of candy. For this you need some Oreo cookies, gummy worms, and other elements of candy. Use a layer of ice on the cake, then crush Oreo cookies in a well mixed. Sprinkle over top of cake and add gummy worms in it. This will lead to a chilling effect and taste delicious. Do you want a more colorful cake, sample several pieces of candy on the surface of the cake.

The second theme ideas for decorating cake is based on the hobbies of the person a. If a child is usually a TV character is a good idea. Like most cartoon characters, it's easy to create your own design instead of a bakery to do. Here is an example of a birthday cake on the subject:

Ninja Turtle birthday cake: This cake, all you need is the icing, decorating tips and dye. Start with a little prince was dyed bright green and make the outlines of a Ninja Turtle head. This should be about the size of the pie will be. Having described using the favorite color for a mask to define. Fill the stand with green glaze, and then use white icing to draw the mouth. After that, fill the mask with the color of your choice. Then use white icing to make eyes. Because this is a cartoon character, the form simply because it is already located in a two-dimensional form.

Always keep in mind that anything that can be used for a birthday cake for any theme to decorate. Figurines, candy, toys and even your cake to give something extra to pop. Always fun with your decorating, because even if it does not run perfectly, the best part of a birthday cake will always get to eat!

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