Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tips and Ideas on how to frost a good cake

Here is a simple way to glaze a waterproof layer cake, which I have perfected by trial and error. These instructions are aimed at beginners and housewives alike. Use of this guide, I guarantee that the process becomes easy, will cleanup be breezy, and the cake would be nice.
Remove the cake is thoroughly cooled cans. If your cans lined with parchment paper, now is the time to carefully remove the sides and bottom of your cake.
Place cake, rounded top to bottom, the cake will be served on platter. This way you do not have the difficult task of transferring the cake from the mat. Repeat for the other cake, but put it aside half later when it will be placed atop the second layer.
The following wedge approximately 4-6 cm wide strips of wax paper under the edge of the cake first, all around. These protect the plateau of the routine spills, dirt and splashing will occur. With a spatula is about a third of your final touch in a first layer of about an inch thick. You can vary the thickness to your liking, but just be sure to save enough frosting for top and sides. made the second cake on top of the first, rounded side and press gently but firmly on. If you have enough to attract, glaze the sides bulge a bit.
Spread a thin layer of glaze over top and sides of cake layers with all the loose crumbs to a minimum.
Now hope glaze on top of the cake and frost the sides start by gently pulling the glaze over the edge and down the sides. Spread it on, turning the drive as needed and determine the desired thickness of the remaining amount of frosting. If the pages are finished, simply spread the remaining glaze over top of cake.
Do you have a decorative finish, you can swirls twirling through the spatula as you frost. For tops, just pull up and away sharply to the glaze where you want them. Try spraying multicolored candy sprinkles, miniature M & M candies, chopped nuts or chocolate chips on top. When you finish decorating, just ease right from the waxed paper strips under the edge of the cake and discard.
Congratulations! Go ahead and serve cake to know that you're just a layered cake companion in a short time with the required very little cleanup.

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