Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tips and ideas on how to Bake a Bread

There are many pleasures that can be derived from cooking at home, but none more than the experience of baking your own bread. The pungent smell of bread baking in the oven is enough for the whole family in the area to keep waiting for bread to cool enough to eat.

If you have not tried to bake your own bread before, there are many good reasons why you should try. Homemade bread is special, tastes better than store bought bread, and is versatile, whether you want to eat for breakfast, use it in your lunch sandwich or looking for the perfect accompaniment to a picnic or dinner appetizer. Many fans of baking bread at home like kneading process very therapeutic and relaxing.

Homemade bread can be made exactly to your taste to adjust. Whether you're white, wholemeal bread or malted brown flour, bread or bread, or a soft texture of bread recipes to adapt preference. With a little practice and experimentation you can even bake bread recipes for something that is unique to you. Homemade bread can also be healthier if you complete control over the ingredients.

If you have decided to try to bake bread at home, make a few simple ingredients, recipes and equipment to collect. This article describes the equipment you need to make homemade bread.

Essential equipment

You need an oven, of course, for baking your bread, but it does not matter if your electric oven, gas oven, Aga or a wood-fired oven are. Scales (preferably digital) and a measuring cup is also important elements to make sure you follow the recipes exactly.

Bread Couples

A selection of tins in different shapes and sizes to give you flexibility in making bread and rolls. Bread made from aluminum cans, steel or glass. Non-stick molds are best as they do in the presence of brackish much easier and they also mean time savings in the dishes.

Cloth to cover the dough while proof

Each tea towel is ideal for this purpose. The cloth must be laid over the top of the bowl with the dough. The cloth will protect the dough from exposure to air, so it's not dry and harden.

Additional equipment may be useful

Plastic or metal dough scraper can be used to remove sticky dough sheets and to relieve the dough from the container. When you scones or flat bread, a heavy pan or griddle are usable. Many food processors and food processors come with a dough hook attachment. This helps during baking, which takes the hard work out the dough! Last but certainly not least, do not forget a thermometer to make sure you keep an eye on the temperature.

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