Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Basic knowledge on Cupcakes And How They Are Baked

Cupcakes are small cakes, also known as Patty cakes, made to a person and in nearly all bakeries serve. A typical size of the cupcake is 3 inches in diameter and about 4 grams of the control of the volume of food.

Cupcakes are popular among the masses, because they are cheap, it's like a few bites of a delicious cake with the same great taste, but at a lower price! However, only a few bites.

Cupcakes are usually baked in containers called "muffin tin", but they are baked in individual pottery cups muffin tins before it is available. For the same reason, perhaps the word cupcake cakes normally used for the size of a cup of tea. Specialized pans are also used to bake cupcakes that are similar in form to the muffin tins. The special equipment is made of metal and non-stick six or twelve cups of depression as to material variations is baked cupcake. However, these pans vary in size and shape.

Butter, sugar, eggs and flour are common ingredients for baking a cupcake. There are a number of different recipes for cooking them. And using creativity to be around to see the hundreds of beautiful designs and tastes.

One of the recipes are "cake in a mug and interesting uses of the cup as a pot. This recipe has earned its fame from the forum and internet websites. In fact, cooking can also be done in a mug in the microwave and takes less than five minutes to complete.

In addition, there is a method that leads to what is known as a pie 'butterfly', also known as a fairy cake because of the 'fairytale' wings. The top of the cake is filled with butter cream and spooned and boasted of a section is cut in half and attached to the cream on top, which looks like the wings of a fairy.

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