Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cake and Baking tins are easily available these days for any occassion

Everyone is looking for an excuse to eat cake. You do not really need one, but it makes us feel better about ourselves if we can come up with a reason to have one. Everything I will do is spark your imagination, because too often people think they are just a cake for a wedding, a birthday or Christmas, but what kind of cake would you do, what form will it fry?

You will often see cakes that look like only the pros can do for them, but it is simply not the case. With little time and good guidance, everyone can enjoy not only making cakes, but also get a great sense of satisfaction when they are eaten.

Another great reason to bake, are children. I have two children, one of whom has been through the stage of making a good mess to cookies, but my second child is only one, so she has yet to experience. I must admit that at no other time will I reward my children with pastry to make a mess!

Anyway, let's throw some ideas out there for you to think how to treat a loved one (or yourself, do not worry I will not tell anyone).

Easter Time

What do you do when Passover comes to mind? Okay, apart from chocolate. If you have some time to look around you can find molds in the form of Easter eggs, baking sheets to make little bunny form of cookies. I even saw a hill to create a 3D bunny.


Christmas is a good time to attract some attention, so why not do it with cake in the shape of Santa or snowflakes? How about a cake in the form of a gift box? Again, there are many forms.

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