Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gather some knowledge and stuff on candy bars

Candy jar or cookie jar is functional and decorative glass made of ceramic or glass, and often short for any average American home, and also worldwide. In England they are referred to as biscuit tins or glass. The types of jars used to store different kinds of candy and other sweet delights. Sometimes, even if they are used to save money in coins, such as a piggy bank.

Candy jars used in the final part of Britain since the 18th century. The glass or biscuit tins are specially fashioned from glass with metal lids. Glass became fashionable in the United States around 1929, known as the Great Depression Era, and many are usually made of glass with metal covers. Stoneware appear as more trendy choices for pots from the 1930s, and many early editions plain tube-like shape and in most cases, adorned with flowers or foliage motifs embellished with marker or identifiable.

The first ceramic candy jar glass was first manufactured by the Brush Pottery Company of Ohio. This eponymous glass of candy is green in color and are 'Cookies' words emblazoned on the outside. Following the introduction of the famous Brush jars, other manufacturers, recognizing the potential of the company, began to copy the idea, and come with their own version of the jar with candy glass designed with motifs such as vegetables, fruits, numbers and animals. Some glass candy jars are also inconsistent designs such as Little Red Riding Hood. Some manufacturers of glass candy rose to celebrity status in the culmination of the golden era of the production of glass of candy from the 40s through the 70s.

For collectors glass candy jars, candy glass McCoy, who was made in Roseville Ohio was much sought after commodity. McCoy jars glass candy manufactured circa 1939 and they stopped production in 1987. Jar Company debut, dubbed the 'mother' is considered one of the most priceless jars around. If one is found intact, it can sell for thousands on thousands of dollars. McCoy is also known to churn out jars of fruit and vegetables, all without any doubt, it is their jars of candy, which caused such a sensation.

Another highly respected manufacturer of candy jar is the American Bisque of Williamstown West Virginia. Their unique jars of candy (which is also important collectible) is adorned with lots of famous cartoon personalities.

Red Wing Minnesota, from California Metlox Pottery, Shawnee Pottery from Abingdon pottery from Ohio and Illinois are also commonly known makes a jar of candy.

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