Monday, July 25, 2011

Cake decorating

Want a master cake decorator to be, you already know the path is paved with constant training and practice. But once you experienced enough to whip out pictures once they leave the oven, you'll know that this level of excellence few have ever achieved enjoy. All beginners and experts want their cakes look good. So in this article I will review some tips you can use your own decorations.

To ensure that the batter is level in the pan is a good place to start. If it is bumpy in the forehead, so that when you keep it in the oven, it will rise unevenly. You can avoid this by turning your dish in the oven if you see one side is rising too fast. If it comes out if it is still rough, just use a sharp knife while still hot to even it up.

Now that the cake from the oven, then you let it cool for a whole day. It does not matter if the outside is cool to the touch, then the inside will be hot for several hours.

After waiting one day (I know you want to quickly get) for your cake to cool, it's time to apply the glaze. Icing is the most important part of decorating a cake, unless you icing and stencils. Dip your icing spatula in cold water before you run it on the enamel.

If your icing should be stiff, so it does not fall apart or are continuously adding liquid food coloring. You can thin it out later if it's too rigid with little milk, then start by making it as stiff as you can. You want the frosting to hold together pretty well, but not so hard that it makes a noise when you leave the state for too long. If this problem you can just patch the cracks with more icing!

Dealing with frosting your cake decorating a number of professional tools. Simple things like pastry bags, tips, icing spatulas, rubber spatulas, etc. It is not a good idea to try a professional quality cake design with a paint edger and Ziploc bags! Have the right tools can make a real difference and get the results you want.

Do not forget to decorate cakes can be frustrating, tingling start running when they leave the freezer, the images can not paste, you lose it or someone can push and collapse one day's worth of work. But if it's so frustrating, is really worth feeling of pride when you realize that the cake on the stand is something you've made! So do not give the right tools, and keep doing your research, just as you read this article.

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