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How to make an Ice cream Cake

After owning an ice cream parlor a few years I was always surprised how impressed people with my cakes. They are actually quite easy to make and delicious to eat. You need to keep frozen and it can be a bit annoying, but give yourself enough time and you're fine. I do not talk much about the decoration here I think that's an entirely different lesson. Check the book for inspiration cake just pick things that do not mind frozen. For example, fresh flowers are a no no

What you need

A Mould

Simple shapes are the easiest. A simple round or square cake can be decorated in endless ways only limited by your imagination and the space you have in the freezer. Just use a regular cake pan. A 7 1 / 2 inch square tin feed about 12 people.


You must be at least twice the amount of mold is possible. It is hard to say exactly how much you need as different brands have more or less air in them. Just buy a reasonable quality ice from the supermarket. No need to get expensive. One of the only happy to eat.

Choose a flavor that go well together and try to taste the contrasting colors, so it looks good if cut choice. Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla is always popular, but it is really an individual thing. You would generally have a flavor on the outside and some others that you are in the inner layer.

Cake Board

You know something silver cardboard pastry cakes come.


If you are going to transport you in a polystyrene box that makes it cold. Remember it is ice and not be left out of the freezer for very long. Imagine the amount of decoration on your cake with. You may need trimming at the last minute to add or not it is fit to box. I always able to get it from the green grocer.

Many Freezer Space

Make sure you have easy access to a freezer if it works when you need it and close when it starts to melt.

Consider the height of cake compared to your freezer. You may need trimming at the last minute to add or not it will fit in the freezer.

Something to decorate it

The possibilities are endless. To start out with something you can just cake. If a toy truck for men or small balloons. Must be able to get something from anywhere that sells decorations cake. Sweets are effective, but be careful of "bleed" when wet. They all stain on your cake. Oreo cookies are popular. Make sure you leave space between things for cutting the cake. You do not want to be seen by a fixed cookie.

What I usually beat the cream with powdered sugar until stiff, then pipe along the edge of the cake, where it meets the board and around the top. It just ends, but if you are not in profit is not important. You can use the cream by adding a few drops of dye. For example if you had a vanilla cake you may want to pipe around the blue for a boy or pink for a girl. Be careful when adding color to the cream as it can develop. You can use the chocolate by adding cocoa powder to drinking milk. When thinking about decorating forget that you need to return the cake to the freezer to stop the melting.

How to do it

Place your mold in the freezer for a while to get cold.

Try and work in an area that is not in heat like a breeze of a fan or open window of the ice melt really fast.

Using something like holding a large metal spoon or spatula to cut from solid pieces of ice about half an inch thick and place in bottom of the can. Cover the entire bottom of the can by slowly crushing the ice as you go, so it all together.

This will be visible over the cake, so make sure it is fully covered and pushed into the corner. Then continue this process and cover the sides of the eyes.

Wet your spoon between the slices so that the ice will come off easily.

Once it starts to melt it back into the freezer to harden again.

Continue by filling in the eye by adjusting your taste in layers.

As an example if you have a vanilla and chocolate vanilla cake that you can make out the layers of a vanilla chocolate chocolate than the other. Think about how it looks when you cut.

You can stuff the cake, but remember that it is really difficult when they are frozen and are really difficult to cut and may even break teeth. Rarely seen objects in the body of the cake. I think it is safer if people can see what they are biting.

If it is completely cover with aluminum foil and place the tin in the freezer to get really hard for at least four hours, but overnight is better.

Turn it off - your board and a large knife with a flat back ready.

Put some hot water in the sink. Remove the foil from the pie. Carefully swim cans with water, so the hot water goes up the side of the can on the ice a bit to soften. Do not let it go over the top of the ice is wet.

If you can see that the ice has melted a bit around the edges, put the board to turn over the can and turn it off. Use back of knife to cover the surface of the cake and clean up, so it gives you a clean surface to decorate. There will be some liquid on the plate just wipe with a clean damp cloth. Place the cake in the freezer to freeze it again.

Now only needs to be decorated.

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