Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Advantages of paper bakeware

The traditional baking method uses cake pans made by aluminized steel and is now replaced by silicon bakewares. But when it comes to mass production, we tend to face material scarcity - silicon pans are way too expensive, and we might not have so many cake pans to cater to the amount that we are going to produce. Paper bakeware is economical, fuss-free and they come with rigid structures of different shapes and sizes.

In the old school days, baking is time consuming and it leaves behind a whole lot of mess. It is always hard to remove the cake in a perfect condition from the tin because the sides might be sticking to the tin. Then, imagine scrapping the burnt cake leftovers that are sticking onto the sides of the cake tin - why not switch to paper bakeware? They are more presentable and it is easy to use without hassle.

The improved version of the bakeware is now microwave and freezer safe. This indicates that you can actually bake with your microwave oven and store it right into the freezer if you have leftovers. Most importantly, they are eco-friendly and can be recycled.

With them, you do not need to get extra cake tins just to bake a few extra cakes. Some of these bakewares come with serving size trays and they even have patterns imprinted on the outside. The designs are protected from buttery batters by the greaseproof coating. It saves cost, time, and most importantly, it is absolutely eco-friendly. The materials can be recycled unlike some of the cake tins. Extra baking tins are bulky when it comes to storage. These paper bakeware comes in large numbers but they are light and easy to store.

Pour in your batter and start baking just like that, and when the cake is ready, you can give it away as it is. They have special shapes and designs to cater for novelty cakes. The designs on the bakeware make them prefect gifts on special occasions. Your cake will look scrumptious even without having the need of frosting it.

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