Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Have Confidence in Any Situation: Banish Low Self Esteem Today!

Self confidence and self esteem are incredibly important qualities to possess in your life. Whether you are young or older - your confidence levels will influence your academic achievement, how much money you make, the quality of your relationships and how you manage stress. So are you high or low on the confidence meter? People with high levels of confidence are more satisfied in life, have greater self respect and acceptance, are happier, make more money and have better relationships.
People with low self confidence are usually dissatisfied with their lives, lack self respect and appreciation, have few close and fulfilling friendships, have poor quality relationships and usually underachieve at work and anywhere else! Now it's not all doom and gloom!

Confidence is simply a muscle which can be strengthened - all it takes is a positive intention, a regular routine, discipline and a leap of faith!

If you feel that your confidence is low - whether as a result of situations or the atmosphere you have been raised in (or a combination of both) try out these 7 exercises below:

1. Take Stock of Your Confidence Muscle Strength As hard and painful as it may, take a good hard look at the key areas of your life and note how you feel about each. The key areas are: money, job satisfaction, hobbies and interests, friendships, relationships, health and spirituality, and Community involvement. Even if the scores are pretty low, just appreciate the fact that confidence is never static, just likes every muscle - you will experiences changes in strength from time to time.

2. Banish all Negative Talk Yes I know this sounds painful and impossible - but as the adage goes, "Just do it". Stop abusing yourself, putting yourself down or constantly evaluating any past failure or upset. Let go of the past and move on to create your future. Weighing yourself down with negativity will not only pollute the world, it will prevent you from loving and appreciating yourself.

3. You Are Great as You Are Make a list of all your positive traits, habits and qualities. It doesn't matter how small you think it is - just write it down! Do you have great left toe? A lovely smile? Do you see the best in others? Do you have a sense of humor? Get it all down on paper and look at it every morning and evening without fail.

4. Look Good - Feel Great Simple changes to the way we look can have an amazing effect on confidence and low self esteem. Start with body posture. Those people with low self esteem often walk with a hunch, breathe shallow and don't have good eye contact. So every day make an attempt to walk talk, breathe comfortably and give good eye contact to who you are talking to.

If you find this hard, try doing this with just one person a day and then increase the number of people. Other great confidence boosting tricks include: have a great hair cut, get a free clothes consultation at a large department store (you're not obliged to buy - and you will get some great ideas), get some well fitted and new clothes, dress to suit your body shape, wash regularly and brush twice a day, smell great and wear some accessories (jewelry for women, ties for men), get some good shoes, and carry your stuff in a quality bag.

5. Say Thank You! When we are in a negative mood, we often forget about all the good in our lives. For some people it make be something as simple as having a roof over their head, regular food and a daily newspaper. But what ever it is - just say thank you!

A great confidence muscle exercise is to say your thank you's at the end of the day. List every little thing you are grateful for - and everything you appreciate in your life and in your day. From the receptionist's smile, to your fabulous latte prepared just how you like it, from your partners kiss, to the smell of the roses. List it all. This alone will have you buzzing for days!

6. Burn That Blubber Baby! Nothing shakes the cobwebs off you like a good workout. Now you don't have to go crazy on a treadmill, a nice brisk walk in the park, a game of tennis, yoga stretches, and some light had weights can help get the blood and oxygen flowing around the body.

7. Do A Little More Everyday We're all well versed in writing our goals down and working towards then. Sometimes the lack of progress in achieving our goals can be a huge self esteem crusher for many people. Instead of measuring up your goals every day, simply do something related to your goals or an interest every single day. Even the smallest of baby steps will give you a great lift!

So if your goal is to lose weight - and you haven't managed your daily run, then just do 10 sit ups. It may not sound like much, but the commitment to yourself will boost your positive energy in the right direction. If you love music, and you haven't had a chance to see your favorite band for years, why not listen to their songs or watch a video.

Just make sure that you're goals and your action steps are fun and make you happy! One little tiny step in the right direction is worth a lot more than a flying leap in the wrong direction. Like with all great things in life, all it takes is a great system and set of tools. Feeling good about yourself, positive thinking, strong body language, good dress sense and an appreciation of how all of these affect confidence is all that is required!

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