Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Desert rose - Algerian dessert

Algeria.. that great country isn't only known for its Rai music and unique culture, but also for its rich, fabulous desserts crowned with dried fruits, nuts and other food-heaven delicacies .

Today we've chosen to cook a famous Algerian dessert known as "dessert rose" or - as the natives call it- la rose de sable. It's a dessert made out of stuffed filo dough. The reason behind the name is that this Algerian dessert looks like the rosette formation of gypsum found in the desert.

Desert rose (a special Algerian dessert)

Tools we need: round mini-tarts + a baking sheet to transfer and bake.

Ingredients we need:
A packet of filo dough
A good amount of melted butter
Simple syrup thinned out with rose water
For the stuffing:
2 cups of ground almonds
1l2 cup of sugar
An egg or two to bind the mixture
How to make this delicious Algerian dessert:
As usual in Algerian desserts, we make the stuffing first. Beat the eggs lightly with a fork then add it gradually to the ground almonds and sugar. Mix until you reach the right consistency (not too stiff or too runny)
Then work on the dough
1. Cut the dough into different sized circles
2. For each mini-tart you'll need 3 big circles and 6 small ones
3. Place three buttered big circles at the bottom of the mini-tart
4. Add a tablespoon of stuffing
5. Butter the small circles and fold each to four to form a rosette
6. Put the little rosettes on top of the stuffing so as to cover it
7. Repeat until you finish the dough

Cooking instructions:
1. Preheat the oven to 180 or 185 degrees
2. Put all the mini tarts on the baking sheet, then place inside the oven
3. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until golden
4. Immerse the roses in syrup when hot. Handle gently so as not to break the delicate form.

Some last words to say:
The desert rose is considered a very luxurious, elegant and impressive Algerian dessert. If you want to add to that impression, sprinkle some sugar pearls on top to resemble the dew on top of the roses.
Bon Appetite!

P.S.:To realy taste the Algerian desserts and food, visit this country to get a real taste of their food and kitchen. You will be surprised about people and their kindness to invite you to their kitchen.

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