Monday, May 9, 2011

What to Wear to Work

Do you still spend hours to wander what to wear to work the next day before going to bed? Are you worrying about wearing improper dresses to work tomorrow? Relax now, the codes of women office wear I am going to talk about will tell you what to wear to work. Your aim to figuring out what to wear to work is to project a professional, confidence image, regardless of your position in the company. And the styles, colors, lengths, and accessories will speak volumes about your ability to your job. For women, business suits (a fit skirt and jacket), and in most occasions, pantsuits (matched pants and blazer) are the first choice, which impress others with a competent image, of course the accessories are also needed---closed—toe shoes, conservative hair, jewelry and makeup are expected. You should concern the comfortableness of women office wear at the same time, pants must fitted, but free of visible panty lines. Like pants, skirts, especially straight styles, should be loose enough to sit down comfortably. You should not be dressed too sexy or too casual, which means see-through lace, miniskirts, jeans, shorts, and T-shirts are out of the women office wear.

Colors play a critical role in building up professional image, black and white are the most classical colors for women office wear, and red means aggressiveness, navy represents trustworthy, gray refers to conservativeness, of course, nowadays, many bright colors are used to design women office wear, like ice blue, lilac, soft pink and ivory. You can choose suitable colors according the situation and your skin color. There is a shortcut to choose women office wear, which is to dress like your boss, just to observe the styles that the highest—level women in your company wear and then you can copy their styles, after you are familiar with the style in your company, you can have your own style gradually.

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