Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Pet ID badges are increasingly popular devices as they have proved to be much more than simple name tags with a fancy ribbon that your dog or cat can wear round his neck. In fact, these pet identifying devices can be your key to recovering a lost four legged friend if you are careful enough to include detailed information about your beloved animal in it.

Frequent travelers have also discovered the convenience of preparing pet ID badges for their dogs or cats especially since many airline companies have started to accept taking small pets in the passengers’ cabin. In case you are abroad or in another state and your pet gets lost, the pet ID card makes it much easier for you to  provide the local authorities with accurate and descriptive information not only about the physical appearance of the animal but also about any medical condition he may suffer and personality.

Pet lovers will with me on the fact that pet ID cards are extremely valuable. There are some pet shops that offer pre made identification cards for pets that you just have to fill in with the accurate information. But you can effortlessly make them yourself with some quality paper and a card laminator or with a blank plastic card and a card printer, whichever you have available.

As a start, take a good full body picture of your pet with a digital camera and make sure that his or her face can be clearly seen. Upload the picture to your computer and take some time to gather all the important information about your pet. On average, ID cards for pets include: the pet’s name, your address and phone number as well as physical (breed, size, color, weight, eye color, any distinctive feature) and psychological (is he a biter?, does he bark too much?, is he impatient?, is he afraid of children?, and so on) features of your pet.  It is also important to add his vet’s name, phone number and address; if he suffers from any ongoing condition, what medicines he takes and any allergies.

Once you have the information ready, design your pet ID card using any design software or a specific card software if you have one, print it out and keep the card in a safe place. If you have made a quality paper badge, you are advised to laminate it so that it is more resistant.

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