Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Right Furniture for Brown-Colored Living Rooms

A brown-colored room represents a conventional type of living. It is conventional in a way that an ancient elegance is exhibited to show class and sophistication. Brown is also the color for characteristics such as reliability, orderliness, and wholesomeness so it is really great to use it for your living room walls. Nevertheless, the shade can vary from mocha to beige to light brown. The different shades of brown are great for complementing your room accessories such as picture frames, lamps, and carpet rugs. If you have a very spacious living room and are running out of things to fill in your room, paint it brown to make it look smaller so the unoccupied space may not be too noticeable.

Since the color brown is for stability, it is important that you attain this by getting the proper shade of brown. To do this, take into account the area of your living room and by acquire the right furniture to match your brown colored walls.

    * The color of nature, brown is best complemented with green hues. Whether you paint a bit of green on the walls, or paint some furniture green, or acquire green-colored decorations, the combination will altogether be very soothing for the eyes. This is best if you often relax and recline in your living room. The addition of the color green is also a way to balance out the colors of the room so that the brown color will not be too dominant especially if majority of your furniture are color brown.

    * If you are not sure as to what tones of brown you should get, I suggest that you have your walls in dark hues of brown while your furniture in light colors of brown. Large furniture is not advised to have a shade of brown for a brown-colored room. This will make the brown color loom over the room so much so that stability cannot be attained.

    * Your sofa, cabinet, coffee table, and entertainment furniture must all be synchronized in color so that balance may be achieved.

    * You can have furniture of other colors especially for your large furniture. Green-blue and teal are colors which will match your brown colored walls perfectly. It is important that you do not let the brown color dominate your room too much, though it is the main theme of your living room. The colors that you should blend with it should be the colors of nature. To accentuate the nature theme of the room, get throw pillows which are colored green-blue or teal.

    * Aside from nature colors, the color white will also be fine with your brown-colored walls. Since it is a neutral color, it can look good when paired with most colors. Large furniture is good in white hues.

    * The seating area is best if you have brown as the main color. To strike balance in this area, get chrome furniture and acrylic seating.

    * Brown-colored rooms will be cozier if you acquire lamps. Cream, beige, or white-colored lamps best go with brown-colored walls. This will make you relax better especially if you love reading a good book in your living room.

    * Curtains and drapes add sophistication to your living room. Brown or blue curtains with prints or stripes are best for brown-colored rooms. To complement your lamps, you may also get cream or beige drapes.

    * Your furniture is not the only thing that matters for brown-colored walls, your decorations and accessories also contribute to the success of its look. This is where you get to experiment with the different shades of brown. You may want to apply the different shades in specific areas but arrange them in such a way that one area leads to another shade of brown. Make the color changes gradual but noticeable at the same time.

    * The designs of your accessories also matter. Circular patterns or straight lines are two patterns which will greatly enhance the brown theme of your living room.

    * Cream brown tones partnered with blue colors such as aqua and teal are great combinations for a brown colored living room.

Having brown colored walls is not such a dangerous venture for your living room. It is in fact a bold step toward making your home look better and more classy and refined.

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